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a documentary by Katy Scoggin

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I once believed that if you want to find a fossil, you must first dig a hole.

I also believed that if you want to start talking to an estranged parent, you should write them some lines.

I was wrong about both of these assumptions.

My folks raised me as an evangelical,

but I grew up and left the faith.

In a fiction short, I wrote a reconciliation.

In reality, Dad took umbrage.

I pushed on...

...expanding my short into a feature script.

Then, despite my resistance,

back home.


Determined to understand how Dad justifies his beliefs, I film with him

at work

in nature

but how we treat each other.

But when I film him at home, I realize our divide is not about what we believe,

At a certain point in the filmmaking process, I reach the limit of what I can do on my own.

I team up with other artists who can help me

sort through footage and field notes.

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Collaborators, advisors, and fellow makers.

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