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a documentary by Katy Scoggin

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This film begins with the end of a movie.

A short based on my relationship with my father.

He raised me as an evangelical,

but I grew up and left the faith.

In my film, I write a reconciliation.

In reality, Dad takes umbrage.

I push on...

...expanding my short into a feature script.

Then, despite my resistance,

back home.

To my dad.

Determined to understand how he justifies his beliefs, I film with him

at work

in nature

but how he treats close family.

But when I film him at home, I realize our divide is not about what we believe,

I quit writing

and start speaking hard truths.

I lose the thread entirely.

And yet here I am, with my camera.

Still filming.
Still with Dad.

As my family prepares to move across the country, Dad becomes increasingly isolated. 
Financially underwater. Unable to pack.

The rest of my family has lost patience. They leave Dad behind.

But inspired by our newfound connection, 
I stick around to help him finish packing. 

Most importantly, I listen.

On the road, Dad reveals his secrets. 
I realize this was why I wrote the film 
in the first place. 

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